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SIP Abacus : Make Your Child 5 Times Better

Once your child enrolls in our program we do a pre-test and record the score. On completion of foundation level (just a little over a year), we do another test and we promise that your child will score a minimum of 5 times more!
And what’s more amazing we back the promise with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We refund an amount of Rs. 10000!
We are the first and only Abacus training center globally to offer such a brand promise. This is because of the passion of our teachers and the quality systems that we have incorporated in our training.

Aahwan Reddy

SIP Abacus Hyderabad

Level: GMC Year – 2010

Working in Samsung HQ research

While many of the Alumni of SIP Abacus have achieved extraordinary success at a young age almost all have done way better than if they had not gone through the training. “SIP Abacus for sure improves Maths. But more than that, the confidence and personality development it gave me, the learning capacity I obtained, the ways to managing pressure – it all helped me in creating my future. I would like to thank SIP Abacus for that”

Souvesh Mahapatra

From SIP Abacus Cuttack, Odisha

Level: GMC Year – 2010

Young Scientist awardee from Ex-President Abdul Kalam

“SIP Abacus is one of the programmes which improved my skills like self-confidence that helped me get admission into top-notch colleges and universities. The skill I learned from SIP Abacus, I’m using it currently in my research and job as well”

Harshini Shah

From SIP Abacus Hyderabad

Level: GMC Year – 2008

Young Aerospace professional from the University of Cincinnati

“From a young age, I always wanted to pursue aerospace engineering. I have been using SIP Abacus so far in my journey. I believe the skills I obtained from SIP Abacus are the vital reason for my success today.”

Our Brightest Minds

Globalart India : Think Creative

We create and distribute world class programmes that significantly impact the mental potential of children
in an increasingly competitve world, strong creative ability is what will differentiate the winners in all walks of life.


  • Structured and systematic curriculum
  • International teaching standards
  • Professionally trained & child friendly teachers
  • Small batch size to ensure individual attention


  • Enhanced level of creativity – “the ability to think out-of-the-box”
  • Higher levels of self-expression
  • Improved observation and better concentration
  • Increased confidence and smartness
  • Builds the foundation for varied career options in the future
  • Act as an effective stress buster

Student Testimonials

Students share how Globalart has helped them to discover and develop their creativity
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